Thursday, March 31, 2011

looks like a fish

looks like a fish
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I posted this still life on flickr today because when I look at this red onion, it makes me think of a fish, kind of a nice round plump fish!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Toys and Emotions

Recently I have been spending some time with toys!

My toys! Dolls mostly. I love dolls, all kinds of dolls, baby dolls, barbie dolls, walking dolls, talking dolls, paper dolls and have always loved them. I was a girly girly for sure.

I have been exploring emotions by photographing toy dolls in various ways. Not exactly sure why I am doing this other than emotions are very close to the surface for me andI love playing especially with a camera so here are a few examples of what I have been doing.







Not sure where I am going with this but it is fun. All the dolls are Tim Burton creations other than the very last one which is a Blythe Pet Shop Doll. My daughter and her famly gave the Blythe Doll to me for my birthday which my son in law could just not figure out but I know he will! 

They also gave me a street art stencil book, my son in law Steve picked this out and I promised him that at some place not sure when or where I will leave a little graffitti which on my to do list before I am done! Notice how I did not give a time frame here or say before I die.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rainy day in old and beautiful Ciutadella

Rainy day in old and beautiful Ciutadella
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Oh how I love flickr!

Imagine all of the photographers out there exploring their surroundings and then sharing with the world. It does not seem to matter where the images are taken, whether in your own place or in some distant land. For some, emotion just oozes from the scene captured, as in this one. I can feel this photo, the spring rain, by the light it must be spring, the solitude amid these beautiful old buildings. I love the rose coloured raincoat snug in the narrow street!

Such beauty to be shared!

Come Together Right Now and Vote Him Out

I am probably one of the least politcal people you could ever meet but when I came across this clip today I just had to share it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have spent the better part of the last few days working on my paintings. This just makes me so happy and it is exactly what I want and need to be doing!

This one is quite large and therefore the flower is very challenging in watercolour but what fun!

This is a smaller painting which was kind of an afterthought but I am pretty happy with how it's far!

I actually have a third painting in the works, mixed media, acrylic and so totally different from anything I have ever done but it is loads of fun. So far not brave enough to post but I will when it is finished because I am fearless!

That will be explained in a future post.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


For some reason I have not been painting recently at all. I am back at it again! Hurray, I so need to be living simply, creating and just being right now. My tolerance level for nonsense is way down so to make myself feel better I have decided to take some me time.

The photograph below was taken in my garden late last summer. This is what I am working on in watercolour at the moment. I plan to introduce some gouache at some point, most likely on the flower. I am getting some guidance from a wonderful artist Ros Harrush, who I has had me into her studio, lucky me!

the photo

masked and first wash applied

adding some greens

a little more green

today I bravely added some blue

This is a slow process for me but that is what I love about watercolour. I spend a lot of time just gazing, thinking and planning the next step. For me very relaxing!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Birthday and Thank You's

from The Art of Tim Burton

So today March 16th is my birthday! I was hoping to come up with some words of wisdom or at least something inspiring but the best I can say is I am happy to be celebrating another year.

Thank you to both of my wonderful children for your phone calls, my daughter Jenny who lives in Toronto with her her husband Steve, the best son in law in the whole world and my four amazing grandchildren, Melaina, Gabrielle, Isaac and Madeline.

 Thanks to my son Aaron who at the moment is in Victoria BC at school and will be heading back to Tofino in a few weeks to spend his summer surfing and working. Thanks also to my parents for your call, everyday I forever grateful to have you in my life.

Thanks to Tom for the my gift! The Art of Tim Burton. What a beautiful book. I will treasure it forever. Also thanks for the yummy chocolate cake, it feeds the child in me.

Well I am getting this in at the last is 11:54 pm! I wish it could have been more creative but that will come because I intend this to be the most creative year of my life!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Snowy Day in Stratford

When I woke up this morning I was thrilled to see all of this beautiful fresh snow! Lucky me, my day was free, therefore I was able to head out with my camera.

First of all to one of the beautful parks and I was the only one there! I was thrilled, just me and all of this gorgeous white stuff!

empty benches

stairway to the otherside

down by the river

then the Library

in contrast to the day umbrellas and sandals at The Green Room

took in the wonderful exhibits and
fell in love with the work of  
Virgil Burnett

The Court House and yes I was just passing by!

Friday, March 04, 2011


Just finished my first knitting project. I took a beginner knitting class in that cosy little shop in Statford. Then I proceeded on my own, only to rip out my shoddy work at least 5 times. This is a simple asymmetrical cowl collar in the seed stitch. For me this very simple odd number knit/purl pattern was a challenge. I had to concentrate and for some odd reason I would go from the required 39 stiches ending up with 42 at times, yikes, it throws the whole thing off! So I would tear out again and start fresh.

Believe it or not I actually found this quite relaxing!