Monday, February 14, 2011


the wool I chose

Tomorrow evening I am going to learn to knit. There is a lovely little wool shop here in Stratford called Close Knit. They have the most amazing and beautiful wools just sitting there waiting to be transformed into something even more beautiful. When I visited the One of a Kind craft show in Toronto before Christmas I fell in love with the artful knitted scarves, sweaters etc. and decided right then and there that I too would learn to create these wonderful things. I have great plans to incorporate beads and fabrics into lovely shawls for those cold winter nights by the fire.

I wonder if 24 hours from now I will feel this confident!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

What to Wear

The older I get the harder it is to pull together a look that is both stylish, comfortable and not too expensive. It seems that when I go into to the city I see lots of cool looking women and of course some not so cool. Actually I don't really notice the not so cool, I am surrounded by the not so cool here in Stratford so have no desire to take note when in the city. I have no problem with that attitude and if how you dress is of no importance to you that is ok. Good for you not to have to stress over this issue. This is not what is most important in my life but it is something I think about form time to time, especially on those days when I dislike almost everything in  my closet.


It goes without saying that when you are young you can wear almost anything and look wonderful. So what I just cannot figure out is why so many very bad clothes fill the racks in so many shops. Have a look at the local Sears here in Stratford, horrors...not a designer dud in sight! Thankfully we do have a Winners and some very good local boutiques!

The point of all of this is the question why are there so few publications dedicated to helping the mature woman in her quest to pull a stylish, practical age appropriate look together. Think clothes, hair styles, skin care, makeup etc. Lots out there for the younger set but hey what about me!

So my quest begins. I am on the lookout and plan to post what I can find.

Now the online shopping sight Beyond the Rack is a very cool sight. Once you sign up you get emails everyday with updates on the current specials. Very tempting! The only item I have ordered so far is a watch which I am hoping will arrive some time this week.

For a very cool photo fashion blog check out

More to come...

Friday, February 04, 2011

I don't know who you are but I think you are cool

While in Toronto last weekend I wandered around Queen St W with my camera. I came across this gentleman. I actually first noticed him across the street and thought what a great photo subject he would be. Loved his orange shades, his hat, his scarf and his smile. After spending some time in The Paper Place I come out onto the sidewalk and there he is! I just looked over and asked if I could take his picture, he hesitates then says "yes as long as you don't post it on a public domain." I assured him I would not and that I was just practicing for my photography class. A bit of a stretch since it was over a year ago that I actaully took a class but hey I am still practicing!

 I will not post this on flickr or facebook. I do not consider my blog to be a public domain since only a few freinds actaully look at it therefore I think in that case I am pretty safe in placing it here. I am so pleased with the photo, it makes me feel like a real street photographer which is one of the many things I wish to be in my next life.

In case you were wondering one of the other things I would like to be is a cat that just lays around in a sunbeam all day!