Thursday, September 15, 2011


in Ros and Sergei's garden

So much time has passed since my last post.

September...sigh ..not a month that I love. I love June, the beginning of summer, the promise ahead of sunshine, long days, beautiful soft nights, star gazing and on and on. September arrives, summer is OVER!  Everything feels different. Suddenly there are schedules, classes to attend, the urge to accomplish "something". Yes these can be positives for many, but not for me. Even as a child in September I only liked the first day of school, the new clothes, school supplies, seeing friends. I missed the long lazy days, the picnics, hanging out at the pool, camping with my family. When my children were young I felt the same. I was always sad to see them back at school. I missed them! So here we are half way through September, I am trying to look at the positive. What I do see is the birth of both of my children. September 14th our daughter, September 19th our son, 6 years apart. I so clearly remember both of those perfect beautiful sunny September days and the wonderful fall walks with baby in a carriage, you know those old fashioned navy blue and white carriages with big spokey wheels...sheer bliss. Does anyone even use those any more, does anyone have the time?

So what will I do this September...start some painting, get back to yoga, join a book club. I promise myself to look at this time in a positive way, to get myself more involved, to enjoy each and every day without regret. If perhaps I fall by the wayside and just spend some time gazing out the window or doing absolutely nothing that is OK too. A little part of me just will not follow the rules.