Friday, January 30, 2015


Artful  is the work I have chosen for my intention in  2015      

I want this to to be my most artful year ever. Often I put art second after I get everything else done and of course what happens is I never ever get everything else done!

Currently I am working on  a watercolour that I had planned to create last year. One of the ways I plan keep going is making the commitment and posting a few photos on social media. There is something about going public that make me feel accountable. Fear is a big issue as well. I just want to paint a masterpiece, there is no room for failure here. I am getting over that by just picking up that brush and letting it happen. It feels good!

this is a photo trio of parts of my partially finished painting

Something else I am working on is a 365 photography project. I did one a few years ago using mostly my iPhone camera. This time I am using my real camera. Even better I am using manual settings and trying to learn to make this camera work for me. There is a prompt to follow each day which gets me thinking.

Capture Your 365 Photography Project
Day 3 Prompt
Open Possibilities

This is a photo of a collage card that I created for 2015

There are other things I am working towards as well and will cover in  future posts.