Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mixed Emotions

" Of all the prisons that human beings forge for themselves or are forced to suffer, not one , even today, seems as intolerable as the one in which we are confined by age"

Recently I read a wonderful book by Gabrielle Roy called Children of My Heart and this passage has stayed with me. Funny how when I read a book there is usually at least one sentence or perhaps a whole paragraph that stands out or speaks to me in some way. When that  happens I just have to write it down. I do keep a written journal and that is usually where I record these special words, this one I really wanted to share, should someone come across this post.

In the book the protagonist, a young teacher takes one of her students, who is a wonderful singer to an old age home. She goes on to describe the condition of some of the elderly there and the joy that they received by having this young fellow sing for them. Many reached out for him, some thinking he was the child that they had lost or remembered from many years ago.

Beautiful, but sad and frightening at the same time.